The story
Jim Munroe is an author, speaker, and skeptic.

After a promising career in baseball ended in a disappointing injury at the University of Texas, Munroe turned his mind towards investigating various philosophies and beliefs.  This investigation into the unknown and the supernatural fueled his other passion: magic

Munroe loved magic.  It was the perfect palette on which to express belief and doubt, at the same time.  To Munroe, behind every religious curtain… was a lie.

By 2009, Munroe had become one of the most sought after magicians in the world.  He toured hundreds of cities and sold out concert halls and theaters at almost every venue.  It was at this time, his journey took an unexpected turn.  Everything flipped upside down by a devastating diagnosis that would only give him months to live: leukemia.

Through the circumstances surrounding his battle with leukemia and consequent bone-marrow transplant, Munroe experienced both a medical and philosophical miracle.  The scientific battle was powerful… but the story was even more amazing.

Equipped with a radical story, Munroe is now quick to ask his audience, “Given all that we know, could there be something bigger going on behind the scenes of the world that we experience everyday?”

Today, Munroe is the author of “The Charlatan” and a sought after speaker at conferences, corporations, and events around the world.  Jim’s story is widely recognized from its feature with I Am Second.  Jim’s show, “The MAZE” has also become one of the most efficient tools of Be The Match, the National Bone Marrow Registry’s recruitment vehicle.

Jim resides with his wife and two children just outside Dallas, Texas.

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